Factors that Hold You Back in Real Estate

Published on April 16, 2015, by in Facts, Guide.

There are a lot of things that can prevent you from investing in the house of your dreams. Leading the pack is financial capacity. Not all people can instantly secure a property to invest in since we all know how hard it is to save and survive in the world today.

Loans can help, but for sure, it will be the same thing and you may eventually end up paying more due to interest. And to top it all off, you have to make sure you religiously pay for your monthly amortization. With that in mind, you just have to either bite the bullet or leave them as dreams.


Solar Panels and Green Living

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Solar Most homes today under construction are applying the green devices to help them save on cost. Solar panels, an alternative source of energy is one thing we can see most modern homes are applying. Rather than relying on the subsidized electricity that is being pulled here and there today, solar panels are something that will surely be a good recourse.

It may entail additional work and cost, but the thing is, you are doing yourself and the environment a big favor. Our energy resources are at critical levels. So it is better to make use of these alternatives for home improvements.


Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathrooms are the number one place that homeowners love to renovate, even more than kitchens. One reason why bathrooms get renovated more often than kitchens is simply because the space is smaller and you will typically spend less for a bathroom renovation project for less money than a kitchen project.


How to prevent falls in the bathroom?

If you are going to renovate or remodel your bathroom, be aware of the accidents that could happen inside especially when there is a handicapped in the family. To prevent falls, consider putting a shower instead of a bath tub, but make sure that the shower low threshold so someone with limited agility can get in and out easily. Ideally, the shower should be able to accommodate a wheel chair. It is also better to install a hand-held shower to make bathing convenient for them. Choose a floor surface that doesn’t get too slippery when wet. Never trust your instinct that the supplier is giving you the best product, always ask for samples for you to see.


Reinventing your bathroom

BathReinventing your bathroom doesn’t have to be on a large scale. You can just add one fixture at time such as body sprays, adding television, or shower systems depending on your budget.

You can start by changing your shower curtains and rugs to give it a new look. You can also add curtains on your windows. Candles add a soothing and relaxing effect to your bathroom,

Major remodeling would include repainting the room, changing the tiles, and major plumbing changes. To help your project be successful, plan ahead. Visualize what you would want to achieve in the end. Take note of it; if possible make a draft of what you would like it to be. This will be essential in achieving the bathroom of your dreams.
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Basic Bathroom Cleaning Procedure

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There is nothing better than a clean, organized bathroom. The cleanliness of your bathroom tells a lot about you. It somehow reflects your general hygiene and personality. Badly, your bathroom cant clean itself, just like any other part of your house. So, how do you make sure that your bathroom remains constantly cleans?

The cleaning is never-ending. You can leave your house without opening the refrigerator but you can’t live without taking shower. Bathroom is the most used area of a house. The idea of cleaning daily is important to maintain your floors dry and bacteria free. You should also clean the toilet bowl as often as necessary to avoid growing germs in the said area.

Leaks can make your bathroom look dirty and scruffy. Therefore, you should check on the leaks and make sure that they are repaired and that the bathroom floor and sinks do not contribute to high water bills.

Lastly, polish the glass, mirrors and even the stainless objects and steels. Wipe all the dirt and dust it accumulated to bring out a complete clean environment.


Funkify Your Bathroom!

I love pretty bathrooms. I really do. I believe it’s wonderful to bring a sense of fun and comfort to this special little place, because why would you call it a “comfort room” if it were not even comfortable to do your business in? I mean seriously, would you rather sit and stare at boring tiles and white-washed walls, or have something interesting and exciting to look at?

It pays to inject a bit of fun into your bathroom experience, and you can do so on very little. No need to take a giant loan out to personalize your bathroom. Here are some tips to go from hum-drum to hubba-hubba!

  • Bathroom, meet Color. Now Kiss! Never be afraid to introduce bright colors into your bathroom. Orange walls with a lemon yellow ceiling can give you a jolt of energy (and maybe give you an appetite) while making the room look taller. Cerulean or Robin’s Egg-Blue walls give the place an offbeat character.
  • Walls — not just for fixtures anymore. Hang up a favorite art print, shadow box, or framed photographs. If you’re the artistic type, now’s a good time as any to even paint something on the walls! Give it a DIY stencil border, practice your typography with different colors, or even paint a mural! The sky’s the limit with your imagination.
  • Say “this is an awesome place!” with flowers. Flowers always add a certain je ne sais quoi to a bathroom – just be mindful to change the water in the vase everyday. Fresh blooms not your thing? Why not try crafting some of them on your own? Origami flowers; newspaper roses, felt-and-button daisies – there are just some of the blooms you can make yourself. They’ll last longer, and will add a unique touch to your bathroom!
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    Dual-Flush Toilets True Water Savers

    dualNewer and more efficient dual flush fixtures for toilets are now commonly available for most types and models allowing you to transform your water guzzling toilet into a nature loving low consumption chair. Normal flushing takes the whole contents of a tank which is normally at two gallons, sending it down the drain may it be for pee or poop. Having a dual-flush fixture allows you to flush at half capacity for liquid waste and full capacity for solids making your toilet green.
    The human digestive tract takes 12 hours to fully digest food, liquid waste passes through the system faster resulting in more liquid waste that the once or two for solid waste for a day which means more wasted water. Installing a dual-flush toilet or upgrading an existing one saves you by as much as half your normal consumption of water used for flushing help save one of our most precious natural resources, water. Other toilets that use water from the sink for flushing are available for extreme recycling needs plus more environmentally friendly products that are in the process of development for the toilet users of tomorrow.


    Sit in a bathtub before buying it!

    One of the highlights of any bathroom is the tub. You can soak away a whole workday’s worth of stress with a long, hot bubble bath. But how sure are you that a bathtub is comfortable unless you sit in it? If you’re renovating your bathroom, and you’re planning to install a new bathtub, there are a lot of considerations. One of them is size.

    Bigger isn’t always better. A 5-foot tub is good enough for most people. This size offers ample space to stretch out, and gives a good foothold, offering that feeling of security. This way, you don’t float into oblivion when the tub is full (and possibly drown!). Do check the back if it’s angled well enough for your built and height. You should get good neck support from your tub.

    A tub for two people should slant at either end and has taps in between. However, if your bathroom only has space for a small tub, then do opt for an extra-deep one!


    Bathroom Comfort

    Remodeling isn’t just about improving your interior, but it’s all about the comfort that your bathroom gives you.

    Other than your bedroom, this is the place where you can be yourself even when you go naked. This is the place where you can relax while bathing in a nice comfortable spa-look-a-like tub. In other words, turn your bathroom into an everyday experience spa. Make your daily visit inside your bathroom like a day pleasure spent in the spa. Live best even inside your bathroom. However, think about reasonable aspects (you can either recycle the existing decors), and your living comfort during remodeling.