Clueless about Bathrooms?

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If you are renovating your bathroom for the first time, some tips:

1. You need to know exactly how much room you have. Take complete measurements of everything you will use to know if it fits in your bathroom. Rule of thumb, it is better to leave more space empty than crowding your bathroom.

2. Make sure everything is dry ! dry! dry! If you are remodelling an old bathroom, it is best to tear out the old fixtures unless you know that they have not gotten wet. If you are uncertain that not everything is dry underneath, then the new fixtures you install will probably be taken out the next day.

3. Know the kind of walls and flooring to put in and be sure that they are really sealed, because it not, it would mean even more work for you.

4. Shop for fixtures that blend well together. You can take pictures of all the things you want to use in your bathroom and imagine them in all their proper places. If what you see in your mind’s eye is awesome, then go for it. If it’s awful, forget it!

5. Good lighting does wonders for a bathroom. But first make sure that you like the size and shape of the lights to be used in your bathroom. Remember, if your bathroom is dimly lit, it would be hard to use that area. Sometimes bathrooms are also called comfort rooms. As the name implies, it should be comfortable.


Of Fixtures and Faucets

Choosing from the many types and forms of faucets and other bathroom fixtures you may wonder why some are cheap and some are quite steep. While most of the more affordable ones look quality and seem to have sturdy make-up they are mostly plastic and will break down more easily than other more expensive brands. There are also fixtures that work as part of a whole plumbing system, with proprietary fittings that can use compression ones opposed to those that need washers but they need care when installing for over tightening is a sure way to crack them open. (more…)


Exhaust fans to suck the steam out.

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Having hot water running through your body while showering is such a delight. But what if, after every time you shower, you notice that you grope around, feel for the walls and eventually hope and pray that you don’t step on any soap lying around the floor.

Admit it, you can’t see. That’s because of the steam that has been created by your hot shower. And you have to admit too that the steam can’t be released because of your bad ventilation. You may have exhaust fans, yes, but it may not be enough. You have to consider the size of your bathroom. You can’t have a small exhaust fan if you have a bathroom that’s larger than your garage.

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Shower or Bathtub?


When deciding to renovate your bathroom, one of the most crucial questions that will arise is whether to go for a dedicated shower, a dedicated bathtub, or both. Some people will definitely be Team Shower, some Team Bathtub, and some, both. Let’s look at the pros and cons of option.

Having a dedicated shower is best for people who want to be over and done quickly with their baths. The shower also allows the bather to quickly change water temperature, so he or she can go from a nice hot shower to a cold one to encourage circulation and close their pores. On the other hand, reliable and durable showerheads and fixtures can be expensive, and sometimes may tarnish over time. The heat can also encourage humidity in the bathroom, and thus mold growth will happen on the tile walls.

A tub is great for people who want to take their sweet, blessed time luxuriating over themselves. If the words “bubble”, “milk” and “fizzy” are the only words you can ever imagine associating with “bath”, then a tub is the best bathroom fixture for you. However, you won’t be able to quickly change the temperature of the water, and you must be ready to pay for an expensive water bill. Also, slipping as you get out of a bathtub can be very dangerous.

A combined bathtub-and-shower setup combines the best (and worst) of both options. Just be ready to find solutions against any liability or problem that this can bring you.

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See-through Shower Stalls: Yay or Nay?

A new trend in bathroom renovation is the see-through shower stall. It’s becoming a quick favorite among homes a Moderne flair in design, as well as high-end hotels. There are pre-fabricated see-through shower stalls that are comparatively easier and cheaper to install than those built from scratch. They also come in either
or clear plastic, and have become an image in movies, TV shows, and music videos that denotes hot, steamy sexytime in the bath. However, just what are the Yays and Nays of a see-through shower?

Yay: See-through fun. Aside from the aforementioned sexy potential of the shower, having transparent walls can be used in other ways. If you have kids in the house, you can bring out the crayon soaps and encourage them to doodle on the glass or plastic. The experience of bathing your dog or cat in a see-through shower can net crazy entertainment for onlookers. Also, fog sketches in a see-through shower can be fun.

Nay: Say goodbye to privacy. There’s a good reason why bathrooms with see-through showers installed need locks on the door. Imagine: you’re well into scrubbing yourself down, when a house guest badly, badly needs to use your loo. They open the door, rush in, and see you in all your glory. Hilarity ensues.

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Give your bathroom a makeover

Want to give your bathroom a makeover? Read on! The simplest way to do this is to choose appropriately colored towels and shower curtains. You could also put more interest to a plain-looking bathroom by putting plants, contrasting trim and brightly colored towels. Pale fittings can become vivid by putting bolder and richer tones in towels, bathmats or facecloths. You could also apply paint or wallpaper on the tiles and walls. Adding paintings and photographs can prettify it, and adding carpet or wood paneling will make it luxurious. So, try these tips and watch your bathroom transform before your very eyes.


Bathroom Cabinets

When you are stress and tired all day long, your bathroom is a great place to escape and wind-down. Thus, you would not want unnecessary things cluttered around. Getting bathroom storage like bathroom cabinets is a good idea. It acts as a perfect accessory on your bathroom and It takes up very little space and most importantly, bathroom cabinets allow you to organize all your toiletries and bathroom accessories that are used every day yet will still be at hands reach for easy access.

Bathroom cabinets are no doubt a practical and wise storage solution for any bathroom. It is easy on the pocket so you can surely find one that is just right for your budget. Bathroom cabinets are also multipurpose. There are cabinets that come with extra added features such as mirror, LED lighting, shaving sockets, steam-free pads and much more. You can choose from many different finishes and sizes as well. You can get one that will fit your personal taste and bathroom requirements.


Boring! Get it Re-tiled

retilingA boring bathroom bugging you? Then why not consider getting it re-tiled, nope, you do not need to get the old tile chipped off that is dusty and messy for specialty tile adhesives that work over the existing tiles are now available. There is however a side-effect to this easy way, the bathroom will be a bit smaller for the re-tiling would take up a bit more space. Concrete walls are the best candidates for over-tiling, but other materials can easily be ripped off or scraped off as desired, though they can also be re-tiled if needed. Grout (more…)


Plastic Plastic Everywhere

plasticshowerPlastic fixtures, shower screens, hangers and tubs, it seems there’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to plastic one of the most polluting and pervasive materials invented by man. They are tough and non-reactive to acids and base chemicals but they do have one very nasty trait, scratches would most surely result in ugly, stained and quite unappealing. Plastic scrubbing pads only that tends to glide over the surface but any solvents that gets into it, would also result in ugly melted plastics so keep lacquer and other strong solvents away. Want a nifty way to make them water-proof (like a windshield), use the same stuff you use on your car applying two times to ensure proper coverage. Just be sure to read the label and warnings so you don’t end up making an ugly plastic enclosure well uglier? (more…)


Property Woes Piling Up

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If the financial times today are any indication, it seems readily apparent that real estate buying has been shelved for the time being. Reason for this is the fact that most people are having financial difficulties and at the same time saving their earnings for something worth more when you talk about survival today.

But it is not only a matter of buying property. It is also a matter of taking into consideration for people who have not fully settled their amortization to date. They now find themselves in a situation where they have to find ways to source out money. Or else they will be facing foreclosure.