Improvements That Will Increase the Value of Your Home


If you are a homeowner contemplating selling your house in some future time, then you should be actually looking into improvements that will increase its value. Of course, it would be nice if you can get to enjoy it for some time as well to see for yourself if it has added any significant value to its use. While some improvements can be quite costly and may prove difficult to recover, some are quite sensible decisions which can make you wonder why you didn’t think of it in the first place.

1. Improving on Essential Indoor Systems

Plumbing, electrical wiring, heating, and other indoor systems are usually taken for granted by homeowners until the time something goes wrong and mess up their newly renovated bathroom or kitchen. They are not actually aesthetic concerns but they can easily destroy whatever physical beauty the house prides itself with. These are problems that need to be checked often before they have any significant effect in the condition of a house.

2. Improving on Outdoor Essentials

The first thing that greets a prospective buyer’s sight is the outside of the house. If the buyer finds nothing encouraging from the outside, chances are they would rather not check further. A home’s exterior appeal has to be spruced up thus it would be best to look into roofs, doors, windows, and the front lawn.

3. Additional Bedroom and Bathroom

Among the added bedrooms, it is the attic bedroom which gives a higher return on investment. Bathrooms have also become very important to buyers thus an additional one usually succeed in providing additional value. A facelift for an existing bathroom may be a less costly way to achieve higher home value.

4. Improving on Existing Kitchen

Because of the significance of a kitchen with family life, much attention is placed on kitchen. New paint as well as new cabinets, sink fixtures, and better lighting all contribute to a better-looking kitchen. Ceramic tiles look more updated than vinyl tiles.

5. Improving on Landscaping

The issue of curb appeal comes to mind in the issue of landscaping.A well-maintained lawn can do magic on the value of a home because of the instant visual appeal even before buyers get to enter the house. Not because an improvement costs much doesn’t necessarily mean it will give as much return on investment when the time to sell the house comes. Homeowners should usually temper on personal preferences as compared to universally appealing choices. It can be such a disappointment to spend so much on one area of the house only to find out that they do not contribute to added home value. A professional handyman service is your best option if you don’t have the time or knowledge for home DIY.

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Alanah Kaleski is a real estate agent who knows exactly what increases the resale value of a home.

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Bathroom Comfort

Remodeling isn’t just about improving your interior, but it’s all about the comfort that your bathroom gives you.

Other than your bedroom, this is the place where you can be yourself even when you go naked. This is the place where you can relax while bathing in a nice comfortable spa-look-a-like tub. In other words, turn your bathroom into an everyday experience spa. Make your daily visit inside your bathroom like a day pleasure spent in the spa. Live best even inside your bathroom. However, think about reasonable aspects (you can either recycle the existing decors), and your living comfort during remodeling.


Mortgage and Payment Issues

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Choosing a real estate property is easy. It is really the payment part the becomes a pain for most people. In the initial stages, it may not be felt. But once the lending institutions start debiting the dues, that is when all people will start feeling the ill-effects of the investment that they have done.

Some condition their minds that this investment for the future. We all know that it takes a lot of sacrifice to make dreams come true. In this case, just look at mortgages and payments as helping aids that have to be taken care of. Otherwise you lose both in the end.


Bathroom Renovation for the Differently-abled

small__6575695837Many bathroom renovations often lean toward the luxurious and cutting-edge technological side of things. Architectural sinks, ergonomic tubs, and even heated floors and toilets all connote living in the lap of luxury. However, there are also some renovations you can do to your bathroom to make it a more inclusive place. While these may not necessarily be applicable to certain home bathrooms, it will certainly be to a company’s benefit to put these renovations into effect.

For the differently-abled, it is important that everything is executed to make their trips to the loo as hassle-free and easy as possible. Installing Braille signs on many things (from the door signs to the diaper-changing station to the hand soap container and hand dryer) will make bathroom experiences for the visually-impaired a lot easier. Stalls with bidets and more room for a wheelchair to maneuver into will be a boon to many who traverse by wheelchair.

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See-through Shower Stalls: Yay or Nay?

A new trend in bathroom renovation is the see-through shower stall. It’s becoming a quick favorite among homes a Moderne flair in design, as well as high-end hotels. There are pre-fabricated see-through shower stalls that are comparatively easier and cheaper to install than those built from scratch. They also come in either
or clear plastic, and have become an image in movies, TV shows, and music videos that denotes hot, steamy sexytime in the bath. However, just what are the Yays and Nays of a see-through shower?

Yay: See-through fun. Aside from the aforementioned sexy potential of the shower, having transparent walls can be used in other ways. If you have kids in the house, you can bring out the crayon soaps and encourage them to doodle on the glass or plastic. The experience of bathing your dog or cat in a see-through shower can net crazy entertainment for onlookers. Also, fog sketches in a see-through shower can be fun.

Nay: Say goodbye to privacy. There’s a good reason why bathrooms with see-through showers installed need locks on the door. Imagine: you’re well into scrubbing yourself down, when a house guest badly, badly needs to use your loo. They open the door, rush in, and see you in all your glory. Hilarity ensues.

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How to fix a dripping Water Tap

Published on June 19, 2015, by in Bathroom Repair.

A dripping water tap is often caused by a worn out rubber gasket at the bottom of the tap valve assembly. Repairing the gasket will cost you less than changing the entire tap assembly. Try these easy steps in repairing your water tap:

1. Close the main valve that supplies water from your water line. In doing this, you do not risk yourself of getting wet while doing your repairs.
2. Open the tap and collect all remaining water. Use a wrench to open the valve assembly. Turn the assembly in a counter clockwise motion.
3. Check the rubber gasket if it is worn out. It is found at the bottom and is attached with a screw. Check your faucet aid for replacement. Select the right size of rubber gasket and attach it to the tap assembly.


Shower or Bathtub?


When deciding to renovate your bathroom, one of the most crucial questions that will arise is whether to go for a dedicated shower, a dedicated bathtub, or both. Some people will definitely be Team Shower, some Team Bathtub, and some, both. Let’s look at the pros and cons of option.

Having a dedicated shower is best for people who want to be over and done quickly with their baths. The shower also allows the bather to quickly change water temperature, so he or she can go from a nice hot shower to a cold one to encourage circulation and close their pores. On the other hand, reliable and durable showerheads and fixtures can be expensive, and sometimes may tarnish over time. The heat can also encourage humidity in the bathroom, and thus mold growth will happen on the tile walls.

A tub is great for people who want to take their sweet, blessed time luxuriating over themselves. If the words “bubble”, “milk” and “fizzy” are the only words you can ever imagine associating with “bath”, then a tub is the best bathroom fixture for you. However, you won’t be able to quickly change the temperature of the water, and you must be ready to pay for an expensive water bill. Also, slipping as you get out of a bathtub can be very dangerous.

A combined bathtub-and-shower setup combines the best (and worst) of both options. Just be ready to find solutions against any liability or problem that this can bring you.

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Decorating your bathroom

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In renovating your home, you could choose a color scheme to maintain a sense of spaciousness and continuity. You could pick the same color scheme and make only tiny variations from room to room. You could also stick to one style like traditional or contemporary. However this is different in the case of bedrooms and bathrooms. Because these areas can be considered as personal spaces, they can depart from the general color scheme and style of the entire home. You could make your small bathroom bigger by choosing pale colors and light and spacey furniture. You could also minimize a large bathroom by using varied textures and dominant patterns.


Securing a Dream Home

As far as we are all concerned, purchasing the home of our dreams will always be on our minds. But constraints such as finances and the available properties in the world of real estate is concerned these days, a lot of research has to be done to make sure we get the right piece of real estate due to us.

It is easier said than done these days. We can see a lot of lands being developed but they may not be necessarily the one we are looking for. We have options but somewhere along the line, we have to tweak our investment expectations a bit since slowly, land availability and cost allocation are slowly reaching a bottle-neck.


Property Woes Piling Up

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If the financial times today are any indication, it seems readily apparent that real estate buying has been shelved for the time being. Reason for this is the fact that most people are having financial difficulties and at the same time saving their earnings for something worth more when you talk about survival today.

But it is not only a matter of buying property. It is also a matter of taking into consideration for people who have not fully settled their amortization to date. They now find themselves in a situation where they have to find ways to source out money. Or else they will be facing foreclosure.