Fashion in the bathroom

We all know that the bathroom is reserved for private business, but are there ways to make this place safe from peeping eyes without being an eyesore? Yes! If you don’t want to have opaque glass in your windows, you could make use of voile screens suspended between narrow rods or wires or curtains for long windows. You could also use appropriately colored Venetian blinds to filter light and block the view of outsiders. If you want, you could fix glass shelves across the window frame and place plants and other interesting items and trinkets. See, function and form can go hand in hand in the bathroom so better try these tips right now!


Plumber’s Putty

The every present and easy remedy for leaks and drips the world over, it works like magic plugging holes, leaks and drips in no time. There is however a very dangerous side to this repair material, it is temporary and further corrosion or weakening of the underlying material may eventually render the fix ruined along with the rest of your floor and walls. (more…)


Color It Nice

Using warm colored floors will give your bathroom the softening effect that offsets the cool looks of fixtures. Paint your walls a warm color to counteract the coldness of the flooring and porcelain fixtures, if you are using some. You might wonder why worry about the bathroom colors too much when it’s not always seen by people who come and visit your house? Well, colors can greatly affect the human psyche, it induces feeling and sets the mood. It is very important to find out what color calms your mood. Most people stay with earth tones as they bring in texture for visual interest.


Factors that Hold You Back in Real Estate

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There are a lot of things that can prevent you from investing in the house of your dreams. Leading the pack is financial capacity. Not all people can instantly secure a property to invest in since we all know how hard it is to save and survive in the world today.

Loans can help, but for sure, it will be the same thing and you may eventually end up paying more due to interest. And to top it all off, you have to make sure you religiously pay for your monthly amortization. With that in mind, you just have to either bite the bullet or leave them as dreams.



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世界は変化しつつあり、人々はより環境に責任を持つようになりました。 貴方も自分の家を修理し、環境保存の責任を担うことができます。 一つの方法は貴方の旧型のトイレを水節約モデルと取り開けることです。 ほとんどの古い家は一回トイレを流すのに5ガロンまたは10リットル程の水を使用します。 このため、普通の家庭では一日における平均使用水量として24ガロン消費していることになり、多くの水が無駄になっていることを示します。 ほとんどの新トイレは一回流すのに、たったの6リットルしか使用しません、もっと新しいトイレは4リットルしか必要としません。 極小量(ULV)6リットルの水洗モデルは70%の水を節約し、インドアでの水消費を約30%削減します。年間平均100ドルの節約です。Totoのトイレの一つはその上を行き、二重水洗システムを使用します。自分の身体のニーズにより、水の使用量を(1.6GPFまたは0.9GPF)決められます。このため、さらに水とコストを節約できます。


Cutting from magazines.

by: Christine Zafra


Ok, so you want to renovate your bathroom but don’t have any idea how to do it. Have you already checked bathroom magazines? It’s actually a good place to start your bathroom renovation journey. These magazines are actually handled by experts (especially those that are from reputable magazines). You may want to check the mag from cover to cover and then start from the beginning again. This time, cut out the bathroom pictures that appealed to you. You have the option of whether you would want to cut the whole page or just a small portion of the bathroom fixture.

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2.濡れているものが一切ないことを確認しましょう。 古い浴室の改装の際には、古い備品が水に触れていないという確信がない限り、取り外すことが賢明でしょう。 また、下地が完全に乾いているという確信がない場合には、新たに設置する備品を翌日に取り出すことが賢明でしょう。





Bathroom basics

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The bathroom is the smallest part of the house, so you need to use the space economically. Bathrooms are not hard to design, as their use is pretty straightforward.

The most basic design is to use white. You can hardly go wrong with that. White is a very neutral color and choosing the fixtures are easier. You should also have plenty of storage space for towels, medicine, tissue paper, soap, and other stocks of toiletries you will be storing in the bathroom. You should also have some scents in the bathroom – but nothing to strong. A subtle scent from potpourri or scented candles will do the trick – avoid air freshener smells, since they’re too artificial. You may also opt to use older styles, but be sure that you maintain a balance between old (antique) fixtures and new ones.


Clueless about Bathrooms?

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If you are renovating your bathroom for the first time, some tips:

1. You need to know exactly how much room you have. Take complete measurements of everything you will use to know if it fits in your bathroom. Rule of thumb, it is better to leave more space empty than crowding your bathroom.

2. Make sure everything is dry ! dry! dry! If you are remodelling an old bathroom, it is best to tear out the old fixtures unless you know that they have not gotten wet. If you are uncertain that not everything is dry underneath, then the new fixtures you install will probably be taken out the next day.

3. Know the kind of walls and flooring to put in and be sure that they are really sealed, because it not, it would mean even more work for you.

4. Shop for fixtures that blend well together. You can take pictures of all the things you want to use in your bathroom and imagine them in all their proper places. If what you see in your mind’s eye is awesome, then go for it. If it’s awful, forget it!

5. Good lighting does wonders for a bathroom. But first make sure that you like the size and shape of the lights to be used in your bathroom. Remember, if your bathroom is dimly lit, it would be hard to use that area. Sometimes bathrooms are also called comfort rooms. As the name implies, it should be comfortable.


Of Fixtures and Faucets

Choosing from the many types and forms of faucets and other bathroom fixtures you may wonder why some are cheap and some are quite steep. While most of the more affordable ones look quality and seem to have sturdy make-up they are mostly plastic and will break down more easily than other more expensive brands. There are also fixtures that work as part of a whole plumbing system, with proprietary fittings that can use compression ones opposed to those that need washers but they need care when installing for over tightening is a sure way to crack them open. (more…)